Joseph Prince Caught in Heresy!

We love Joseph Prince. We pray for his repentance, and we follow our calling of crying aloud and showing God’s people their sins (Isaiah 58:1). Pastor Joseph believes there is no more law, which means there is no more sin and nothing to confess. But when we see that heresy is being preached, we must come against it and state clearly what the Word of God says.


Today, February 25, this man of God declared that Matthew 24 applied only to the Jews, since the Sabbath, mentioned in verse 20, was Jewish.


First of all, it’s not true to say the Sabbath was Jewish. Adam was not Jewish. Jesus made the Sabbath for mankind, not just the Jew.


Matthew 24 is not directed to the Jews. Jesus was talking to His disciples. While it’s true that most of them were Jews, not all were. The word disciple means follower. These men were followers and believers in Jesus. Today we call them Christians, even though the Bible calls them believers.


It’s ironic that the heresy Joseph Prince preaches is mentioned in this chapter, where Jesus warns us that many will come to mislead us and deceive us. The grace revolution is a major deception, which contradicts what the Bible says about the Kingdom of God and its laws of love. God loves all, but He hates lawlessness (Mat. 5:19).


Jesus said that the gate to death was a wide one. It doesn’t matter to God how many preachers teach heresy. His truth stands. The belief that this chapter applies only to the Jews is heresy. The belief that Jesus could not sin, and thus was not tempted in all things as we are, yet without sin, is a heresy. It doesn’t matter how many theologians agree with this heresy.


Pastor Joseph stated that anyone who minimized the truth that Jesus was fully man was preaching heresy. That’s exactly what he is stating, that Jesus wasn’t really tempted to where he could possibly sin. Jesus  said the flesh was weak, and He was in the flesh. Satan wouldn’t have wasted his time in tempting Jesus to worship him if such a thing wasn’t possible.


Jesus had to be like us His brothers “in all things” (Heb. 2:17) in order to truly understand us and be our High Priest. He said He could do nothing of Himself, without the Father’s help, and He says we can do nothing without Him (John 15:5).


Will the Jew who endures to the end be saved (Mat.24: 13)? No. Only believers will be saved. Many false prophets will arise and teach lawlessness, and most people’s love (not just the Jews) will grow cold (Mat. 24:11-12). Don’t fall for heresy!

Big Surprise for Joseph Prince!

Joseph Prince made a comment that one day he will regret when he hears it directly from Jesus Christ, since he doesn’t seem to want to hear it, not unlike the whole Christian world. He said the day we keep is a non-critical issue. No! Isaiah 56 shows the truth God has shown us, that the two most critical issues in the body of Christ in the last days are the name of Jesus versus Lord, who is demon named quagmire (ask any high-level witch!) and the Sabbath day, which any dictionary will tell you is Saturday! And you will never read anything different than this seventh day in the Bible. It’s keeping the Sabbath that protects us from the great falling away to lawlessness that sounds so good, but is deceptively false and deadly! “Will the real gospel please stand up?” asks Joseph. Read Mark 1:14-15 and Matthew 24:14 and you’ll see it’s NOT the gospel of grace! Read more…

And Joseph, please receive this from those who know more about the law than you. Acts 15 talks only about men who claimed you must be circumcised to be saved, period. Keeping God’s laws was NOT in question, no matter how many times you may repeat this lie! The foreskin of your heart must be removed, but not the physical foreskin.

Your hero, the apostle Paul, who said his hero was Jesus (1 Cor. 11:1), said this: “Circumcision is nothing, and uncircumcision is nothing, but what matters is the
keeping of the commandments of God” (I Cor. 7:19).

Is the Sabbath a commandment of God? Yes, the only one He said to remember. If you want to argue about whose commandments matter, notice it says God, not Jesus. Now Jesus was indeed the Word who spoke the Ten Commandments, but we can’t expect the Christian world to believe that. But Paul did say God, to make sure no one would confuse the truth of who said it. People think the Father gave the Ten Commandments, which is false. However, Paul used Jesus when he meant Jesus, and used the term God when He meant the Father.

In reality, they are both God, and Jesus never said anything different from His Father. Here Paul is saying the commandments of God matter. They aren’t a non-critical issue. Actually, every word of God is critical because Jesus tells us we are to live by every word of God. This is called a dabar or word, but it’s one of the most important words ever written. It’s a test commandment (Ex. 16:28).

God gave this manna test, which was a Sabbath test, even before He gave the Ten Commandments officially to His people at Sinai. It’s a test the Christian world hasn’t passed, which is why the Lord, not Jesus, told Joseph Prince, to preach the false gospel of grace. This falseness opens the door to great error, such as the surprisingly inaccurate statement made by Joseph today.

Joseph, we love you and forgive you, and look forward to your repentance.