I confess. I had not noticed this verse, Acts 20:24, that speaks of the gospel of the grace of God. I must add, however, that I was seeking the whole counsel of God as verse 27 states.

The whole counsel of God includes the whole Bible. I can’t rewrite the whole e-book on the grace revolution here, but I can remind myself and my readers that my first reaction to this anti-biblical doctrine of grace was to write about the theme of the Bible. That theme is the Kingdom of God.

We find it as you start reading the Bible in Genesis 1, verse 26. It never changes throughout the Bible, including in Acts 20, verse 25.

You can pick and choose verses hear and there without taking into consideration the whole counsel of God (Acts 20:27), but in so doing you are adulterating the Word of God.

The Kingdom message is the Bible message, and it is the crux of the gospel message that Jesus and Paul brought (Mark 1:14-15), and it is a message prophesied to go out in his last days (Mat. 24:14).

Jesus said He did not, I repeat not, come to do away with the law. He said that those who do will be called least in the Kingdom. Notice the emphasis again: the central message of the Kingdom of God and the importance of the laws of that Kingdom.

Yes, the gospel of the Kingdom includes the aspect of the grace of God, but if it’s a grace that teaches lawlessness, it isn’t the true gospel.

The false gospel Paul speaks of in Galatians involved circumcision and witchcraft (Gal, 3:1; 5:11). In no way did it involve God’s moral law. It was a different gospel than the true gospel of the Kingdom.

The arguments against God’s laws of love hold no water. They are part of this great end-time deception sweeping the Christian. World. If you swallow it, you may still be saved at a later date, but you’ll miss out on marrying the real Jesus when he returns.

Read the whole Bible. Embrace the whole counsel and purpose of God, which is summed up in His Kingdom of Love. Pick and choose, and you may lose.

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