We are entering a season of unprecedented attacks of all sorts on true believers. The world is suffering from utter hopelessness, and Satan is launching an all-out attack on true believers to wear them down and cause them to lose hope. As I was meditating on the extreme attack in two situations where believers who were losing hope had asked for prayers, I asked God what I could possibly say to them. He told me that words were cheap at a time like this for them, but He did give me these words we hope will give some encouragement…

Your Father will prove His love to you if you don’t give up on Him. I know you feel abandoned. But I gave you Jesus so you wouldn’t feel abandoned even when all circumstances scream that you are. I did abandon My only Son on the cross, and at the time he cried out, “My God, My God, why have You abandoned Me?”

He couldn’t even call me Daddy anymore. But you can because I abandoned Him so I would never ever abandon you. I am your Daddy who provides for you even when everything seems hopeless and useless.

Trust Me. I make all things work out for good, even the extremely bad things. I see success ahead if you don’t give up on the One was proven His love for you by giving up Jesus for you. Make Jesus and Me your everything, and I will give you everything you need and more in My timing.

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